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Published: 10th January 2011
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Processes need to be re-evaluated periodically in order to weed out redundancy and improve efficiency in the system. Many a times it may involve reinventing the wheel but a thorough knowledge of the entire system is of utmost importance. This is particularly critical in the production of perishable goods like milk. While most companies acknowledge the importance of following standardized processes, many fail to stick to them. TruMilk, a brand of milk, however is a case worth looking at for their immense diligence in following standardized international standards and norms.

TruMilk is a brand of pasteurized milk from Dairy Pride, a subsidiary of Macro Dairy Ventures Limited (MDVL). What sets TruMilk apart from other brands of milk is that while all other brands collect milk from various collection centres, TruMilk is a complete end-to-end product of Dairy Pride. TruMilk is an end-to-end product of Dairy Pride, from milking to packaging. It is milked from their own herd of cows, by their own staff, and at their own farms. Therefore, complete control on the production.

At Dairy Pride, the process of milking is mechanized at every point. There is absolutely no manual milking involved in the entire process so there is no use of unclean hands, vessels, etc. This makes it completely free from contamination and adulterations. In cases where the milk is collected from various collection centres, there is no control on hygiene.

Dairy Pride uses the latest of European technology in dairy farming. A team of expert technicians routinely checks to ensure that the equipment is not only in perfect working order but also cleaned to keep them out of germs. As a first step in the process, the production team sees to it that the udders of the cows are thoroughly cleaned by water sprays before and with iodine after milking. After the udders are thoroughly cleaned and dried, sterilized machines are attached to the udders and then activated. The milk is directly transported from the cows through sterile sealed pipes into bulk tanks. As you can see even here, there is no collection of milk in separate tanks before they are refrigerated. Milk is immediately refrigerated and pasteurized in the bulk tanks. The processed milk is automatically packaged using high-tech imported packing machines.

Cold chain is maintained all through the process. The minute the milk is extracted from the cows, it is refrigerated at a temperature of 4 degrees. This temperature is maintained even during transportation. You will be also happy to know that there is no addition of caustic or urea to other additives to increase the shelf life of TruMilk.

You can be assured that TruMilk is completely untouched by human hands till it reaches you. The entire process is 100% mechanized. There is a separate team to constantly check that the entire process moves like clockwork and there is no breakdown of the process in between. They also constantly see how to improvise the existing process to reduce the amount of time taken from milking till the milk reaches you.

Having the entire herd under the control of Dairy Pride has many advantages. It is possible for them to maintain the highest level of hygiene and quality control. Their dedicated in-house experts ensure that the cows are housed in hygienic, stress-free conditions. The waste disposal systems are well planned to keep the area clean at all times. There are also separate areas for feeding, loafing, and milking parlours for the cows.

From monitoring the cows’ diet to their health, from where they are sheltered to, their panel of experts takes every bit of care for the cows. If there’s any doubt about their health, they are quarantined till they are fully recovered and again ready for milking.

Process, as you can see, is key. We believe, if the production is not under your control, nor is the process. TruMilk is a complete end-to-end product of Dairy Pride. This is what that has made it the freshest, cleanest, and the safest milk. It is the only brand that you can trace the source, and be completely assured that everything in the production process, from milking to transportation, follows international norms on dairy farming. And, TruMilk is completely mechanized and is completely untouched by human hands till it reaches you.

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